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Keep your parking lots neat and clean for your customers and team with our Professional Street Sweeping Services.

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Parking lot sweeping services offer comprehensive cleaning solutions designed to keep parking lots, both large and small, in pristine condition. Using specialized equipment and skilled operators, these services effectively remove dirt, debris, litter, leaves, and other materials that accumulate on the pavement and in hard-to-reach areas.

Regular sweeping of parking lots not only enhances their appearance but also extends the lifespan of the pavement and reduces the need for costly repairs. By removing abrasive particles and contaminants, sweeping helps prevent premature deterioration and extends the overall life of the parking lot surface. With overnight hours, it is crucial you can trust the work being done at your property. Our team will maintain the highest level of service and take the time needed to get the job completed.

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Standard Commercial Sweeping

These are the daily sweeps that can be arranged by any of our customers based on truck & driver availability. Based on the situation and job we charge according to our standard hourly rates. Types of work vary, but we are able to service any construction, paving, grinding customers in our market range. We can provide both power broom sweepers and large vacuum sweeper depending on the specific application.

Recurring Contracts

These usually consist of residential or industrial property that needs sweeping on a recurring basis. Our drivers maintain residential roads for HOA’s, or clean parking lots for industrial companies and local businesses. Each customer can be serviced on an individual basis determined by the number of sweeps they require per month. Recurring sweeps will allow for fixed monthly costing and ability to adjust pricing to meet your budget needs. Pricing will generally remain within stated rates with concessions based on sweep frequency.

No street too big or small, we sweep them all!

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